Travel Time Estimator Tool

Find out how your travel time would change if we reduced the speed limit on all local and collector streets throughout Winnipeg.

As a reference:

  • Collector roads are the higher-traffic streets that lead into and out of communities. They are often the “hub” of the community where shops and other community destinations are located, usually serve as bus routes, and are also the roads big trucks would use when travelling into a neighbourhood to make deliveries.
  • Local roads are shorter, narrower streets used primarily for accessing homes properties (as opposed to being used as a thoroughfare). In Winnipeg, we also call these residential streets.
  • There is another kind of street called a regional road. These are the major routes that connect communities and serve as city’s main thoroughfares. Regional roads are not being looked at as part of the reduced-speed pilot. Their speed limit will not change.


Enter the addresses for where you want to both start and finish your trip and press calculate.
The results will show you the increase in travel time for both 30 km/h speed limits and 40 km/h speed limits.